Saturday, January 7, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Wall Quilt

Thanks so very much to all of you for your encouragement and kind words regarding the menopause thing. I am feeling much better this week. I think part of my problem is, that I am stressing way to much over things that I can't do anything about!

Ethan's illness came back with a vengeance. I had to take him to the Dr. yesterday, turns out he had an inner ear infection. He has stayed home from school the past two days. He is doing better this afternoon. He should be able to go back to school tomorrow. Poor little thing was sure miserable yesterday. I don't take him to the Dr. very often, but I am sure grateful for antibiotics. He needed them this time.

I spent the morning cleaning house. Yuck! Don't like to do it, but sure do love the results. :~)

I made this little wall quilt last week.

Finished quilting it last night. I think that I might be a convert to hand stitching the binding. I love how it looks! Just a little tricky with my aging eyes. You know another one of those problems of time marching on, the arms just don't seem to be long enough anymore. :~)

I decided it was time to let all of my snowmen have a rest and be put away. It is looking more like early spring here now. Rain instead of snow. It might be the official beginning of mud season! :~)

I found the pattern here. Thanks for sharing this, Kim!! I changed it up a bit. The little nine patches finish at 1 1/2 inches. Aren't they just the cutest, little things! I used this panto.

It was fun, but certainly the most challenging panto that I have used to date. A little tricky to keep track of where you are.

Now that my house is sparkly clean, I think that I will spend some time in the sewing room to finish off my day. I want to make a new ironing board cover. Cindy shared a great idea for making them. I have a couple of aprons that I want to make and a couple more scrub tops for Kristy too.

Hugs&Stitches, Jul♥a

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