Sunday, January 6, 2013

Messy Table

Nicole over at Sister's Choice Quilts, has issued a challenge today, to see who has the messiest table or work area. As I am in the middle of a quilt that I started several months ago, mine is pretty messy. I really liked this fabric when I first got it, but now I am not so sure. Do you ever do that? I am going to finish it, but I don't think I will like it very much. I just need to get that Christmas quilt off of our bed. This will be it's replacement until I can make something else. I also have parts of a couple other projects on there too. Oh, but it is a creative mess and this is my favorite room to be in!!! It is my haven and my therapy from the stress of life. My son and grandchildren even like to hang out in this room when I am in here.

You see the diet A&W root beer sitting there, after reading Judy's funny post this morning about her root beer float, I just had to have a root beer. I didn't have any ice cream to go with mine though and it is a diet one. I could drink in the daylight and in plain sight of everyone. roflol

I had a little help the other day in the making a mess department. I take care of my baby grandson for my daughter while she works. He was finding all sorts of treasures in Grammee's sewing room to play with. He is so adorable, who could get mad at him. as my daughter missed the sewing/quilting gene, maybe he will want to quilt. He played with the charm pack squares for quite awhile.

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