Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Harvest Time!!

We are not farmers but, my little man sure wishes that we were. He loves machinery and tractors. We live on a dead end road, with a 180 acre field right across the road. They rotate between potatoes one year and then grain the next. This year it was a beautiful field of soft white wheat. I love wheat fields. You know, so patriotic! The whole amber waves of grain thing. ;~) The smell as it warms in the sun and ripens is just heavenly!

Anyway, harvest time has begun. Ethan was riding his bike up and down the road watching every move of the big combines. When suddenly, one stopped right next to the road where he was sitting on his bike, the guy operating climbed down and asked him if he wanted a ride. He turned to look at Dad and said, "Can I?" The next thing I knew he was riding off in this big machine, grinning from ear to ear. Here is a picture of the happiest boy on the planet!!! (If you click on the top picture you can see him sitting in the cab.)
He was able to ride for about 20 minutes. Then the next day, the driver stopped and picked him up again. He made a couple of passes across the field, then he came and took me for a ride too!!!! It was awesome!!! I want to drive one! After my ride, he let Ethan back in and he rode with him for about 3 hours. Before all of you decide that I am a horrible mother for letting him ride with a stranger, he used to be our deputy sheriff a couple of years ago and my Dad and hubby both knew him. It warms my heart when someone shows that much kindness to my children. This is something that Ethan will never forget!!!

Still no quilting going on yet! School starts on the 27th so I hope to have more time then.
I was playing with my camera last night and shot this cool picture of the sunset. All of the grain dust in the air made it such a gorgeous red! As you can tell, I love nature!!!

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I WON!!!!!

I won the $25 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop, for finishing my Simply Sophisticated BOM blocks on time. When you get your blocks done on time, take a picture, post them on your blog or send an email to Vicky, she puts you name in a drawing for the gift certificate that Kimberly is offering. I can't believe that I won! I hardly ever win anything.

Of course, I had to go shopping and spend it. This is what I purchased,

"LOUISA BY TERRY THOMPSON FOR MODA FABRICS". They are just yummy! I want to make a bed size quilt for our bed. I haven't picked a pattern yet. Of course, I will have to fondle and pet the fabrics for awhile before I can actually cut into them. hehe

By the way, Kimberly is having a Christmas Countdown sale. Each day she features a different line of fabric and puts them on sale at 50% off. Go check it out.

Okay, time to get back to the sewing machine. I am making a quilt for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. It is snowing today, the Christmas music is playing, fire is blazing. The perfect kind of day for creating a special gift for some very special people.

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

update: I did spend just a bit more than the $25 for all of this. lol It was on sale for 50% off though. :~)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bridge Collapse

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those involved or effected by the terrible tragedy of the Minneapolis bridge collapse. Please join your prayers with mine.

Two Color Quilt Progress

I have had to put my Two Color Quilt aside for awhile to make a couple of birthday presents. This is the center of the quilt and I have made a few of the small stars for the border. I love this pattern! These fabrics are so yummy! I might be making another one, because my dd loves it too! But, her Daddy says she can't have this one! He wants this one to go on our bed. I love it when my family fights over my creations! lol :)

This is the birthday presents. I am making 2 of these for my twin grandnieces. They will be turning 8 years old in June. I am going to add borders and do little machine embroidery motifs in the white squares. Horses for one and music notes for the other one. I did the designing for this one in EQ6. I love that program! I use it a lot. It is a great way to play with block and color placement.

We went on a walk yesterday afternoon. It was so warm and beautiful. We have had several days of rain and clouds. I love the rain!!! But, it was nice to get out for some fresh air and spend time with my DS and DH. Ethan had to stop and throw a few rocks in the river. The river is running swift and high now with the spring run-off. So good to see that there will be plenty of water for this growing season.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and May God Bless those who have and do protect our freedom!!! May He also bless their families!!!

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Utah Trip

On Monday, Kristy (DD) and I, with all 4 children (her 3, my 1), headed to Ogden,UT. She was going down to take her state boards for nursing. We stayed at my brother and sister-in-laws. First we had to hit a couple of our favorite stores in the area. And of course have lunch at the Olive Garden. She is just going to love me for sharing this photo with you all. LOL Just gotta love those bread sticks though!!! DGS thought he needed to wear Mommy's sunglasses.

We then went to my brother's house and spent the evening just relaxing and visiting.

Early the next morning Kristy left to take her test. She was so nervous. She had to wait 48 hours before she could get her results. So the last couple of days have been pretty stressful waiting for the results. She found out yesterday that she PASSED and will be getting her Registered Nursing license in the mail in a couple of weeks. We are so proud of her. It has been a long haul for her. She has had all 3 of her children during her schooling.

After she finished her test Tuesday morning, we loaded up the children, left my brother and SIL with hug and kisses, then headed to Salt Lake City. My DS wanted to go see the Salt Lake temple and to visit Temple Square. We are members of the LDS church and he has heard me talk of the statue of Jesus in the visitor's center and really wanted to see it. I love going there. It is so spiritual and uplifting. It was very hot that day, but the children had a good time.

We also went on a tour of the LDS Conference Center. It is the first time that I have been there. WOW, what a building. If you are ever in SLC and have a little time, I encourage you to go on the tour. It is very interesting and gorgeous architecture. Well worth your time, even if you are not Mormon.
This pic was taken from the roof with the temple in the background.

Of course, we had to finish our trip with some more shopping. lol
All in all we had a great time.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vintage Machine

It is so quiet here now that the holidays are over. Everyone went back home, Ethan went back to school and Randy went back to work. I so enjoy being with my family! It will take me a few days to get used to the quiet.

I finally finished taking down and putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations last night. I would much rather put them up than take them down. ;~) Things seem bare and a little sad when they are put away. I did leave up a few white twinkle lights and some snowmen. I just love the little flicker of the lights on these long, winter days. Seems cozy and warm. January is one of my favorite months. Low key and quiet. I usually get lots of sewing done. Although, this year I am off to a slow start. Now that the house is clean once again, I can stay in the sewing room. That should help me adjust to the quiet, don't ya think! :~)

As I have traveled around quilting blogs this past year, there has been quite a buzz about vintage machines. Mostly Singers, but it did get me to thinking about my Mom's sewing machine. She gave it to me, when they sold their home several years ago. It has been sitting in my family room, tucked away in the original cabinet.

Here it is, in all of it's wonderful, pink glory!

When I brought it up out of the cabinet, the memories that flooded my mind were almost overwhelming. My mother made all of her 5 children's clothes, curtains, aprons, mending, pillowcases, dishtowels, and tons of doll clothes for me and my older sister. I remember coming home from school and my Barbie would be all dressed up in a new outfit, sitting on my bed. I had one of those Barbie dolls with the wigs. Do you remember those? Oh, how I loved that doll.

But, the most important thing to come from this machine was that my Mother taught me to sew on it. I was twelve years old, when she finally turned me loose and let me try sewing on my own. Up until then, I had spent hours sitting on the floor next to her, playing in the buttons, and making doll clothes by hand. My first project on the machine was a jumper, from a brown, twill type fabric. I think that I made just about every mistake that could be made while making it. lol But, Mom was very patient and let my learn from my mistakes. The seam ripper and I became very good friends. She would lovingly, show me how to correct my boo-boo's. I proudly wore that dress to school after lots of hours creating it. Probably more time was spent using the seam ripper than the sewing machine. :~) It even had a zipper in it! What a challenge that was! I wish I still had that dress. It would be fun to look at it now. I am sure that is was probably pretty hideous. lol But, the door to a wonderful world of sewing and creating was opened. A satisfying, love affair began with fabric, thread, and patterns. I fell in love with the first stitch and haven't looked back!

Thanks, Mom for all that you taught me and for the chance to find my creative talent!

Hugs&Stitches, Julia