Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Harvest Time!!

We are not farmers but, my little man sure wishes that we were. He loves machinery and tractors. We live on a dead end road, with a 180 acre field right across the road. They rotate between potatoes one year and then grain the next. This year it was a beautiful field of soft white wheat. I love wheat fields. You know, so patriotic! The whole amber waves of grain thing. ;~) The smell as it warms in the sun and ripens is just heavenly!

Anyway, harvest time has begun. Ethan was riding his bike up and down the road watching every move of the big combines. When suddenly, one stopped right next to the road where he was sitting on his bike, the guy operating climbed down and asked him if he wanted a ride. He turned to look at Dad and said, "Can I?" The next thing I knew he was riding off in this big machine, grinning from ear to ear. Here is a picture of the happiest boy on the planet!!! (If you click on the top picture you can see him sitting in the cab.)
He was able to ride for about 20 minutes. Then the next day, the driver stopped and picked him up again. He made a couple of passes across the field, then he came and took me for a ride too!!!! It was awesome!!! I want to drive one! After my ride, he let Ethan back in and he rode with him for about 3 hours. Before all of you decide that I am a horrible mother for letting him ride with a stranger, he used to be our deputy sheriff a couple of years ago and my Dad and hubby both knew him. It warms my heart when someone shows that much kindness to my children. This is something that Ethan will never forget!!!

Still no quilting going on yet! School starts on the 27th so I hope to have more time then.
I was playing with my camera last night and shot this cool picture of the sunset. All of the grain dust in the air made it such a gorgeous red! As you can tell, I love nature!!!

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

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