Monday, July 2, 2012

Vintage Machine

It is so quiet here now that the holidays are over. Everyone went back home, Ethan went back to school and Randy went back to work. I so enjoy being with my family! It will take me a few days to get used to the quiet.

I finally finished taking down and putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations last night. I would much rather put them up than take them down. ;~) Things seem bare and a little sad when they are put away. I did leave up a few white twinkle lights and some snowmen. I just love the little flicker of the lights on these long, winter days. Seems cozy and warm. January is one of my favorite months. Low key and quiet. I usually get lots of sewing done. Although, this year I am off to a slow start. Now that the house is clean once again, I can stay in the sewing room. That should help me adjust to the quiet, don't ya think! :~)

As I have traveled around quilting blogs this past year, there has been quite a buzz about vintage machines. Mostly Singers, but it did get me to thinking about my Mom's sewing machine. She gave it to me, when they sold their home several years ago. It has been sitting in my family room, tucked away in the original cabinet.

Here it is, in all of it's wonderful, pink glory!

When I brought it up out of the cabinet, the memories that flooded my mind were almost overwhelming. My mother made all of her 5 children's clothes, curtains, aprons, mending, pillowcases, dishtowels, and tons of doll clothes for me and my older sister. I remember coming home from school and my Barbie would be all dressed up in a new outfit, sitting on my bed. I had one of those Barbie dolls with the wigs. Do you remember those? Oh, how I loved that doll.

But, the most important thing to come from this machine was that my Mother taught me to sew on it. I was twelve years old, when she finally turned me loose and let me try sewing on my own. Up until then, I had spent hours sitting on the floor next to her, playing in the buttons, and making doll clothes by hand. My first project on the machine was a jumper, from a brown, twill type fabric. I think that I made just about every mistake that could be made while making it. lol But, Mom was very patient and let my learn from my mistakes. The seam ripper and I became very good friends. She would lovingly, show me how to correct my boo-boo's. I proudly wore that dress to school after lots of hours creating it. Probably more time was spent using the seam ripper than the sewing machine. :~) It even had a zipper in it! What a challenge that was! I wish I still had that dress. It would be fun to look at it now. I am sure that is was probably pretty hideous. lol But, the door to a wonderful world of sewing and creating was opened. A satisfying, love affair began with fabric, thread, and patterns. I fell in love with the first stitch and haven't looked back!

Thanks, Mom for all that you taught me and for the chance to find my creative talent!

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

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