Monday, September 3, 2012

Little Christmas Wall Quilt

While I was putting up my Christmas decorations last week, I decided that I needed a new wall quilt for my dining room. Like I needed another project to get done right now, hehe. I had just finished up a quilt for our daughter using some Thimbleberries fabrics, I still had the scraps scattered all over my cutting table, so into this little wall hanging they went.

Not your typical Christmas colors, but I like it. I used a pattern from Lynette Jensen's book, " Collection of Classic Quilts". I love her patterns, so easy to follow, very well written and gorgeous in their simplicity. I used baby rickrack for the cord on the string of lights. My freehand placement got a little wonky in places, but that is okay. I am a little wonky in places too! :~)

I did the quilting on the HQ. I just love that machine! Every time that I use it, I love it more and more!

Oh and just FYI, you really do need to heat set those permanent markers. I was just going to use a fine line black marker to do the face of the snowman. After I drew in on, I decided to embroider the face instead. I forgot to heat set the marks under the embroidery stitches and when it came out of the washer, it had bled a little. So he has a bit of a dirty face. Makes him seem more real, right? lol

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

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