Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Vacation

Wow!! It has been awhile since I have posted. We went on vacation with my Sis and her family, the first week of August. We always go to Bear Lake, Idaho. We go swimming, play on the sandy beach and just relax. It has been a tradition now for about 15 years.
This year we had an interesting start to the trip, about 50 miles from home, my sister's brand new truck broke down. So my niece's DH had to turn around and go get their truck to pull the camper with. It was a long, hot, wait along side the road, waiting for the tow truck. But after about 2 hours we were back on our way. Nothing can stop us!!

My DS7, caught a little lizard.
That was one excited little boy!! I talked him into letting it go, so he and the other 5 children there, decided that they wanted to build a trap and catch some more just for sport. It sure kept them busy every time we came back up to camp. All of this sage brush was gathered and piled up, with some bugs under it all to attract the lizards. No one had the heart to tell them that the bugs would just crawl away. Some future engineers in the group maybe???? LOL This is my son and my 2 year old grandson in the pic.

Most every afternoon there is
a little thunder storm that rolls down out of the mountains and across the lake, isn't Mother Nature beautiful!!!

My BIL and niece's husband are the only men in
a group of 4 women and 7 children, they take really good care of us, doing all of the cooking, etc!! It is truly a vacation for all of the women. Of course, we do offer to do the clean up after the meals, don't want them to get tired and quit on us. LOL My daughter nick named them the "Man Slaves". This is our view as we ate every day. All in all we had a great week!! Now it is back to our regularly scheduled life. School starts next week, so LET THE QUILTING BEGIN!!!!!!!

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  1. I can't believe how early school starts now.

    Glad you had a wonderful vacation.