Friday, August 3, 2012

Easter/Spring Flimsy

I am feeling back to normal, whatever normal is. hehe :o)
I was able to finish my Easter/Spring flimsy. I still need to quilt it. I am not sure if I will hang it on the wall or put it on my dining room table. I have my DMIL's old treadle sewing machine in my dining room, I might put it on their too. I will just have to finish it and see where I like it the best.
Let me just say that this was some of the yummiest fabric that I have ever used. It is so soft and the hand is fantastic!!!
I am now working on another one with some applique/machine embroidery. I will show pics of it when I get a little further along.

I have been able to stay in my sewing room the past 2 days, YIPPEEE!!! I wish everyday could be like yesterday and today. But, if it was then I don't think that I would appreciate it as much. I think we need both good and bad in our lives to become all that we can be.

Is this not just the cutest little pattern that you have ever seen? Oh my goodness, it just makes me smile! :o) It is a Schnibbles from Rosie's Quilt Company. This is the first one that I have bought and I wasn't expecting it to be so tiny. I love it!! I want to collect them all just because they are tiny!!!! It measures about 4x6 inches. (the pattern itself not the quilt that you make from it, the quilt is 33x33)

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

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