Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to everyone!!!!!!! I have been blessed with the best "Pappy" any girl could ask for. He is my hero!!! 12 years ago Mom and Dad sold their home with plans of going full time in their RV. But they discovered after a couple of years that it was not for them. My DH's parents had both passed away by then and we inherited their small home, which is right next door to our home. It was empty at the time and needed lots of TLC. Mom and Dad moved into it and have given it the TLC that it needed. They have been right next to me ever since. I am so grateful to have them right next door to me.

My Dad is a great handyman. A week or so ago, I was just walking out of the bathroom and suddenly I heard water running onto the floor. I turned and there was water shooting out from under the cabinet, I had no idea what to do. I am not a good emergency type person, I tend to panic. DH works 12 hour days, so I ran to Dad's for help, screaming, "Pappy I have hot water spewing all over my floor!!!!" He came to my rescue and shut the water off. The little hose under the sink that connects the water, had burst. When hubby got home that night, he said, "Why didn't you just shut the valve off right under the sink?" Well DUH, that takes a calm person to think of that.

Yesterday hubby and youngest son went to an air-show. They had a great time. Our children have been blessed with a Dad as fantastic as mine!!!!!

While they were gone, I spent the day doing laundry. Which is actually one of my favorite household chores. I love to hang it out on the clothesline to dry. The smell of laundry dried outside is one of the best fragrances in the world.

When they got home, I gave DH and Dad their Father's Day present. Since we live right next to each other, we share tools and such, so I got them a power washer. I had ulterior motives though, now DH can clean the outside of the house. LOL
We had a great time trying it out on various things. DS decided to turn the box it came in, into an airplane and was making the flying noises that little boys seem to be born with.

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