Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been doing some more stitchery. This stuff is addicting! Nice to sit and do while relaxing, visiting with family or while watching t.v., which by the way I don't do much of, seems to be such a waste of time. Of course, if I am stitching then it is okay! :~) I found this fun little quilt stand at Wooden Bear. I am going to make a different little quilt for each month. Well, that is my plan anyway. It might take awhile to get that accomplished, but it is good to have a goal, right! The cute little turkey stitchery can be found here. I added the color with chalk, the kind that is used in scrapbooking.

I have been busy sewing and quilting. I started taking on a few quilting for hire projects. I just finished up these three for someone.

I haven't been feeling real well the past few days. I am having a battle with some sort of cold/flu bug. The way I feel tonight, I think that it might be winning. But, I don't have time to be sick, so it had better just go away!

Hugs&Stitches, Jul♥a

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