Monday, April 2, 2012

Working in the Yard

I was able to play in the dirt today! :~) This little flower bed is along our driveway and is sort of the focal point of that part of the yard. I have some tulips, irises, and asiatic lilys planted in here. I cleaned out the leaves and dead foliage. While cleaning it out, I decided that it is going to get a major overhaul this year. I want to build it up a bit, put some sort of border around it and replant stuff. The irises are getting pretty thick and I need some more summer color after the tulips and irises are done blooming. But, I will wait until the tulips are spent for the year. I don't want to disturb them until I have been able to enjoy their beautiful spring beauty. I helped Randy do some tree trimming. We then enjoyed a little picnic on the lawn. Sandwiches just taste better sitting outside! :~)

I am doing some laundry today too. I have been able to hang some of it out to dry. I love to dry my laundry outside. The smell is heavenly!

Ethan has baseball practice in a little while. I think I will take some knitting to do while I wait for him. It will be nice to sit for a minute, I have been going pretty steady since my feet hit the floor this morning. A very good day indeed!

Hugs&Stitches, Jul♥a

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  1. Playing in dirt - a favorite of mine, too *s*

    I think next up on Hubby's to do list - clothesline. I 'need' one badly!