Friday, September 9, 2011

Yummy Autumn Food

I made this yummy Tomato Basil Pie today for lunch. I got the recipe from Libby. Go to her Sept. 15the post and get this recipe! It is soooo good!! Randy and I both loved it. I took the leftovers over to my Mom and Dad, they really liked it too! I used basil and tomatoes from our garden. Yummo!!! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Libby!

On Tuesday the 16th, Randy and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary!
Randy loves homemade apple pie. Well, I do too! We are lucky enough to have an apple orchard real close to us. I stopped there yesterday, bought some apples and made this Anniversary Apple Pie today! Topped with a little vanilla ice cream, pure bliss!!! :~)That was the extent of our celebration. lol Randy is working nights this week, so we had a nice romantic lunch. Just the two of us! Kinda pathetic, huh? Yes, romance is still alive in our house! LOL Oh well, he did buy me the HQ, who needs romance! ;~)

I loaded another quick quilt on SuzyQ (HQ16, yes, I named it!) today. I used some of that cheater type quilt fabric, you know the kind that looks like it has been pieced. I added a couple of borders and Viola! a fast quilt. I still want to do some more practicing before I load a "real" quilt and I can't stand the idea of wasting time and supplies with just muslin. So I figure I can make a couple of these quick easy tops and I will donate them to charity. This one went on a lot easier. I still feel a little wobbly following the pantos. But, with practcie, practice, practice, I will get smoother. I hope! I am having lots of fun anyway!!!

I am going to a Kim Diehl class tomorrow. I'm really excited and a little nervous. This is my first real quilt class. I will take my camera and share with you all later.

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

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