Saturday, November 5, 2011

Squishy Mail brings Summer Garden

I had to go to the dentist the other day. I hate going to the dentist, it is about like that yearly gyno visit. Not on my list of pleasant things to do. ;~)

Anyway, when I got home, on the table was this lovely little squishy package with a Royal Mail sticker on it. I knew at once that it had to be my Four Season Summer Swap quilt. Suddenly the unpleasantness of the dentist was forgotten and I squealed with glee. Inside was this beauty! I love it!!!! I am the luckiest girl on the planet! I have another beautiful creation from Andrea. She was also my Winter swap partner and made this cutie for me. Her work and creativity are outstanding. Her little, tiny, hand quilting stitches are amazing. It is now hanging in my hallway and I can see every time I go into my bedroom or into my sewing room.
She included these other little goodies too! I am so excited about the pincushion. It has taken up residence next to my sewing machine! Thanks so much Andrea!!!!

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