Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deadline Projects Finished

This is one of the the projects I had with a deadline. I finished it the day that it was to be shipped on to the next person. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. I usually don't do that, not sure what happened. Probably school starting, SuzyQ, that I want to bond with, and I got sick for about 3 weeks. This is step 2 of the online Round Robin that I joined in on. It is fun to see what comes in the mail. I can only show you a little snippet of it because they want the final reveal of each one to be a surprise.

This friendship block was my other deadline project. I did paper piecing again. I am getting to where I really like doing paper piecing more and more. I am not very fast at it. ;~) But, it is so accurate and precise. You can work with some odd shaped pieces very easily. I still want to make an entire quilt using the stars from Carol Doaks book, "Simply Sensational Nine Patch Stars". I really like her books. This is from that book.

I am working on a baby quilt for charity. I want to do a little more practice with SuzyQ before I do a "real" quilt on her. These charity quilts are good practice. I am doing well enough that I don't feel bad about the quality of them for donations. Each one that I do, I learn a little more. I have my first class for SuzyQ on Oct.2.

I have started walking again since school started. I think that it might help to keep me motivated and to stay committed, if I post my progress. I have a goal of 5 days a week, and around 2-4 miles a day, for right now. I will try to increase this as time goes on. I have been pretty close to this goal for the last 4 weeks. This week I have walked 4 days, totaling 9 miles.

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

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