Friday, February 11, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things

I just about have all of my Christmas decorating finished. I just need one more string of lights for the tree, then I can finish decorating it. Speaking of lights, how is it that they are working when you take them off of the tree, they are gently stored in a box downstairs all year and when you bring them out, plug them in, they are dead? How does this happen? Well, I don't mess with them, drives me insane. I will just go and buy some more. Need to help the economy anyway, right? :~)

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of the decorations with you. I made this several years ago when I used to do ceramics. This is my all-time favorite decoration. To me it says what the season is really all about. Even Santa kneels at the manger of our Lord and King!

This little wallhanging was the first Christmas quilty item that I ever made. Not my best work. Fun to see that I am improving with my fabric choices, piecing skills, and definitely my quilting skills. I still like it though. Makes me smile! :~) On top of the shelf is a few of my nativity scenes. I collect these and have several of them displayed throughout our home.

I am going to my guild's Christmas social today. Should be lots of fun. I will take my camera and if there is anything interesting to share, I will be sure to take pictures for all of you.

Hugs&Stitches, Julia

I have walked 4 1/4 miles so far this week. I did go shopping with my daughter for 4 hours yesterday, do I get to count that as part of my walking too? hehe

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