Saturday, February 12, 2011

I've been busy---

I have been very busy and quite productive the past several days. Judy was hosting another Quiltathon and I was able to participate this time. Thanks, Judy for getting me in gear! I love getting a little motivation from friends!!!!

I finished both of the quilts that I was making for my great-niece's birthdays. The other one has horses in the squares where this one has the music notes and records. I picked embroidery motifs that would reflect their individual personalities.

I have also been cleaning up my sewing room. I was getting way to many things piled around and laying on the floor. I had made two quilts tops last winter for charity and I am finishing those up.One of them I will just take to our church's Humanitarian Center and the other I am donating to the Boy Scout's. They are having a Rummage Sale to raise money for their Scout Camp.
A couple of weeks ago, at church, I volunteered to do the machine quilting and binding on 2 more charity quilts. I have those ready to take back to church this week.
Sorry, no pics of the charity quilts. :(

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

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