Monday, October 11, 2010


I finished the quilt that was on my messy table from the last post. I like it a little better now that it is done. Still not one of my favorites though. But it kept us toasty warm last night. We needed a second quilt on our bed, the temps were right at zero last night. brrrrrrrrr!!

I have been able to get quite a bit down the last couple of days. Our DD is a RN and she has been begging me to make her some uniform tops. I made this one yesterday.
I haven't done any garment type sewing for so long it was kind of fun and yet a little weird. I should be ashamed of myself though, my lovebug bought me a new Babylock Evolve last year for Christmas (2006) and I have hardly used it. I had to chase away some dust bunnies when I pulled it out. As I was using it, I noticed that it still has a little bit of the new smell to it. Since I started quilting I don't enjoy the other type of sewing anymore.

I have been wanting to make me a couple of new tote/purses though. So while I was on a roll today I made this one. It is from a Tiddlywinks charm pack. The pattern is "Sew Charming" by Rose Hip Lane.
I don't think that I ever showed you all the quilt that I made for Christmas this year. It was on our bed, now with the new one I will have to put it away. How do you all store your quilts when not in use?
I designed both of these with EQ6.

Gratitudes for today:
3 days to sew!
My fireplace and cozy warm house!!
Peace and quiet!!

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