Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Adventures!!

Our baby turned 8 years old yesterday. I can hardly believe he is that old already. Seems just like yesterday that I was rocking him, all snuggled up next to my chest. His sweet, baby smells filling my nose and his tiny, little, baby noises sounding in my ears. Making his way into my heart for eternity! He wasn't planned but, oh, what a marvelous blessing he is in our lives. How empty and boring our lives would be without him.

For those of you who don't know, he is adopted. We weren't really looking to adopt but, the Lord placed him in our lives and we loved him right from the first. We have had him since he was born, we became his legal guardians when he was 18 months old and we adopted him when he was 3 1/2 years old.

Now he is 8! We went to the zoo, the museum and other fun places, last Friday for his birthday.

This beautiful spot on the river is in the middle of the city. One of those places that you drive by a lot but, never take the time to stop and enjoy. Well, today we did. It is so pretty here. The sound of the rushing water is so soothing. There is a path that goes all of the way around for about 2 miles or so, across a couple of bridges.

We went out on one of the big bridges to get this picture of the LDS temple in the distance and Ethan was a little freaked out, seems I have passed on my fear of bridges to him. ;~) We didn't go all of the way across it, as both of our knees were getting a little shaky! :~)

We then went to the museum. They have a display there now on loan from Harvard University called, "The World of the Pharaohs". It was amazing to see things that were created by man around 3-4 thousand years ago. Ethan really enjoyed it!

Then it was on to a picnic and a nice walk around the zoo. We stopped for a few minutes to feed the ducks. We had a wonderful time, the weather was just perfect. Not to hot and just a tiny breeze blowing.
Ethan picked out this cute safari hat in the gift shop. All in all is was a wonderful Mother and Son day. One of my favorite kind of days! Sweet memories to fill our hearts and minds.

Hugs & Stitches, Julia

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