Saturday, November 3, 2012

Diaper Bag & Apron

Here is the diaper bag that I made for my daughter. I think that it turned out really cute.
I really like this pattern. It sews up fast and is fairly easy to make.

Here is the little helper, whose diapers it will carry.
He is the one that had RSV, just let me say that
he is totally healed and back to "helping" me sew. :0)
I would much rather have him getting into a little mischief that to be as sick as he was. You really have to watch him, he is at that stage where everything goes in the mouth. I can vacuum all the floors and he still finds the tiniest thing to put in his mouth.
Isn't he just about the sweetest thing that you have ever seen? My hubby is always telling Kristy (DD2), that her and her hubby make the cutest children. And that they do!!!

This is an apron that I made from the stash a couple of weeks ago. It was fun to make. I think that I might like to make some more. I remember that my grandmother always had an apron on. One of those retro things that warms my heart to see it coming back. I am such a messy cook that I need to wear one to save my clothes!!! lol

Here a couple more purchases in my effort to help the economy. lol I found these on sale, don't ask me where because I can't remember! lol I would like to get a head start on the holidays.
These are Miss Rosie's.
I LOVE her patterns and these were on sale too! Same place that I can't remember. I can just tell you that it was online somewhere. I think that it was this site. If not, check it out, it is a pretty good site. Fast service and pretty good prices on some of the older lines.

Keep on Quilting!!!!

1- Healthy family!!!
2-Darling grandchildren, whom I get to see almost everyday!
3-Day off for Ethan and hubby!
4-Beef Stew bubbling away in the crock pot!