Friday, May 11, 2012

New Roof

The past couple of days we have been putting new shingles on our roof. As you probably know from this post, I hate heights! So being up on the roof has not been a lot of fun for me. I also can't stand to sit back and watch other people work, so I swallowed my fear and climbed that scary ladder. :~)
If my 79 year old Dad could get up there and help, then so could I. Our oldest son was also there to help. The heights don't scare him at all. He was just working out there right on the edge with me waaaaaay back from the edge, telling him to be careful. Anyway, we are almost done. But, I didn't order enough shingles so we still have about 2/3 of the back side to finish. I will be ordering more shingles today. Redoing and updating the outside of our house is almost complete. We put on new vinyl siding and replaced the windows 3 years ago. Now the new shingles. I noticed after looking closely at this picture, that I had better give the patio a new coat of stain too. Well, maybe I can talk Randy into doing that, I would rather be quilting!!!! :~)

Ethan and I are going to be spending the day at the zoo, celebrating his upcoming 8th birthday.

Thanks for visiting with me in my little corner of the world.

Hugs & Stitches, Julia


  1. Heheh. It's a good thing that you overcame your fear of heights that day. I'm pretty sure you'll get used to it. It'll make you stronger if you always climb up to the roof. Heheh. By the way, what type of shingles are you ordering?

    Rolly Corvin

  2. Go, Julia! Heheh. You don't have to worry about your fear of heights. I'm pretty sure you'll overcome that fear if you always face it. So what does it look like with the new shingles?

    Santo Caridine

  3. Your house looks great! You’re probably finished with the roof by now. One tip in maintaining the roof’s condition is to always check it for damages. Also, if you notice some molds and mildew stains on the roof, don’t use a power wash to remove them. The pressure from the power wash can cause damage on your roof and can drive water under your tiles. Be sure to ask advice from roofers on what cleaning products to use.

    Max Boughner

  4. Yes Julia, it’s mind over matter. :) If your dad can do it, then you can too. Remember to always keep your shingles clean, to prevent fungi from thriving. Do remember to also check for loose shingles. Also, always check your gutters and drainpipes for debris and leaves, and clear them out as soon as possible.

    Willie Norman

  5. I agree with Mr. Norman that you should keep an eye on your shingles since they can be blown off by high winds. Make repairs and adjustments as often as needed so that you would not risk weakening the structural integrity of the whole roof. You may also want to check and adjust the shingles, if needed, after a windstorm.

    Tristan German