Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning Frenzy - Spring Swap

Martha received my Spring Swap quilt so I can reveal the little cutie in it's entirety. (I have no idea why the picture uploaded sideways. lol)
It has found a wonderful new home in New York. I am so glad that she likes it. This is so much fun, I can hardly wait for the Summer Swap.

Judy is having a Quiltathon weekend again. But, sadly I couldn't participate. We had a beautiful day here today, just look at this sky.
Ethan spotted these two jets and wondered if they were going to collide. We had to watch them to make sure they would be o.k.

Sweet Hubby brought home a new toy, so out to the pasture we went to cut down some old dying apple trees. These were planted by his grandparents 80 years ago and sadly they are starting to die. We needed to get them down before any damage was done by them blowing over. My back is sore and I have some scratches on my arms. But, it was good to be outside, getting some fresh air and working. I love living in the country. :)
Ethan had to climb up in this one after it was cut down to check out the big bird's nest in the top of it. No one was home, it was an abandoned nest from last year. I don't want you think that we cut down some poor bird family's home.

We then decided that since we had such a great fire, we needed to have roasted hot dogs for lunch. After a full tummy, my little one had a short siesta under a tree. :)

I haven't been in the sewing room all week. I have been doing some major spring cleaning inside too. I repainted my dining room and our bedroom. I decided that I wanted to go with more neutral colors. I love it! While I was at it, there was lots of dejunking and deep cleaning going on too. It is nice to do that once in awhile. Now that the outside work has begun, my sewing time will begin to dwindle. :(

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  1. Looks like you are having a fun time even for not being in your sewing room.