Friday, June 1, 2012

Quiltathon Update

Well, I didn't get to much done yesterday. I decided I didn't like the original design I drew up in EQ6, so I went back to the drawing board and spent a couple of hours coming up with a new one. Sorting through magazines and books, searching for ideas and inspiration. Basically, making a big mess on the floor by my bookshelf. *s* I did finally come up with something. So I got started and sewed for about an hour and then I started getting sick to my tummy. I had to make a mad dash to the potty a couple of times and ended up spending the majority of my day laying on the couch wrapped up in a quilt. GRRRRRR!!!!

You can see from the pictures, that the sun is shining today! It is a beautiful early spring day!

I am feeling quite a bit better this morning, although I didn't quite feel like going to church. Maybe I will sew a little bit today.

I hope all of you are getting way more done than I am. :o)

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