Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quilty Gifts

A very big, Welcome!!, to the newest member of our extended family! My niece delivered her first baby Wednesday, a precious, little girl! Of course, now days you pretty well know the gender long before the little bundle of joy arrives.

Hence, I was able to make her a special little quilt. This is a Quilt Soup pattern, "Doll Babies". I love their patterns, so whimsical and fun! :~) There was a bit of a disaster with this quilt. I was quilting away, just having a grand time doing all of this little tiny stitching, when I realized that if I kept going it would end up being as stiff as a piece of cardboard. Not very cuddly for a little baby at all! So after 20,000 stitches, out came the seam ripper and just a mere 5 hours later (EEP!) I had it all ripped out, ready to try again. I choose to do just an all over medium-sized meander, with outlining around the applique. Much softer and cuddly! Live and learn! ;~)

We have another new addition to the extended family, my nephew married his sweetheart this past July.
I had big plans to have this finished for their big day, but around the end of June is when all heck broke loose around here and my daughter needed lots of TLC to make it through a very heartbreaking time in her life. I just wasn't able to finish it on time. Oh well, better late than never. This is made from a layer cake, some yardage for sashing and borders. The pattern came from Heather Mulder Peterson's book, "Livin' Large". I highly recommend this book! It has lots of fun patterns in it for the larger scale fabrics that are so popular now.

I used a panto from Anne Bright, "Blooming Feathers".

We missed the frost the other night. My veggies and my flowers are still going strong! The field is all harvested and planted with grain for the next growing season. I guess that means I should clean house. *sigh* Unless, I can think of another good excuse to put it off and stay in my sewing room. :~)

Hugs&Stitches, Jul♥a

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