Wednesday, June 8, 2011

been on a trip

 I just finished cutting the last of the 100 scrappy charms and it was like a trip down memory lane of a lot of past quilting projects. What I made and who I made it for; easy pattern or not; wish I had bought more of this fabric; man! ... I will never make that again....
Now I know I said I would post a winner this morning, and I have not forgotten; however I have been so busy getting ready for not just one quilt retreat, but 2 of them; back to back! Poor me eh...
Not only that but Mr. O has gone away so he can't make my draw. What I am going to do is take the names with  me to retreat and get someone there to make the draw. When I get back I will post the name of the winner. I may not be able to take photos because Mr. O has taken my digital camera. You see he has gone to Australia on business for 2 weeks.  Again I apologize for the delay in posting a winner, but when I get back I promise to post the winner.

Now what is a post without a photo? Borrring! So I will leave you with a vacation photo or 2.

Mr. O and I at Stone Henge.

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