Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mailbox Treasures

Here are the wonderful treasures sent to me by Nines. Our youngest son is adopted and she shared these adoption quotes with me. They are from Talking Quilts. She had made a quilt using the Scripture Quotes for her son, I left a comment about how neat it was and where could I get the quotes, then a few emails later, she sent these to me. They melt my heart!!

I am going to make DS an ISpy quilt and I will incorporate these in his quilt. He told his Grandma and Grandpa that they were special because they made his Mom cry. And that they did. Thank you so much Nines. Every time I look at this quilt I will think of you. I am also sharing the story of where they came from with him so that he can think of Nines too!!

Then there was this wonderful surprise in the package too!! I love it!! My first fabric postcard. I was determined not to get into making these, (I don't need one more crafting fun) but, after seeing one of these in real life, now I want to make some. LOL

Quilters are some of the most generous and wonderful people that I know.

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